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Why you need to refurbish that roof (Wirral study)

Why you need to refurbish that roof

There is nothing worse than a leaking roof on a lousy weather day. This is especially critical in an area like the Wirral where drastic weather changes are the norm. The roof is one structure of any building that endures a lot of stress put on it due to fluctuating weather conditions. Even with scheduled maintenance, there are instances where a re-roof will be necessary. This, however, does not mean that weather is the only primary reason as to why you should consider changing your roof. This article expounds on the various factors that can necessitate that roof renewal and remember we are expert Wirral roofers if you need help, for more information have a look at our post on how to find the best roofers in Wirral.

Naturally, roofs do get old reroof wirral

While the process takes different time intervals for every brand of roofing materials, it is bound to happen. Continued stay undoubtedly does lead to wearing out and breakdown. Thereby, one should check out their roof after some time for wasted parts to be renewed. Usually, a roof that has lasted for 20 years or more requires a replacement. This ensures that debilitated roofing materials that are past their prime have been removed. Even more critical is a roof in an area like Wirral. The fluctuations in weather elements mean that roofs age prematurely here. Ice dams, moulds, and moss can lead to drastic shortening of the lifespan of your roof.

Conducting damage control after a severe storm

High winds throw large debris such as heavy branches onto your roof. Sometimes it can be heavy materials uprooted from other areas that can severely damage your roof. Storms themselves can tear away shingling and leave bare patches which require a new roof. Heavy hail can cause cracking of underlying sheaths and punch holes through the roof shingles. The shattering of skylights and damage to vents are other ways in which your roof can be affected by a massive storm. Any strong storm will weaken the core of your roof and do repairs just does not solve the problem.

Prevention of structural damages

It is unimaginable to think of what a leaking roof can do to your walls, wood or steel on your building. It can enhance the rusting of the iron and also rotting of the timber at an unprecedented rate. This compromises the integrity of your facility. Great dangers are bound to occur in such a building. The other loss is when you have to incur costly repairs.

Protection of the building’s interior

Ask yourself what is more valuable? The worth of the contents of your structure or the costs to be incurred replacing the roof? How much loss could you suffer if waters drip in on your equipment or other delicate items housed in your building?

Reduce the stress of constant repairs

When you repair, it means that you have just postponed the problem. It will occur again when you are not even ready to deal with it. This will still require you to perform another maintenance and incur more costs. When this happens frequently, the total expenses incurred reroof.

Increase the value of your home

There is nothing more appealing on the exterior of a house than a brand new shiny roof. It immediately enhances the look and raises the resale value of the building. This applies to rooftops that are nearly reaching their lifespan but already look rugged. The one neat trick to jumpstart its value and put it back on the market is by replacing the roof. A significant number of homeowners are attracted to properties with refurbished roofs. The reason for this is because they consider the house a better deal since they would not require replacing the roof sooner. A roof replacement also ensures that your home gets better chances of passing the roof inspection.

Remodeling makes your home more beautiful

Think of that new roof design out in the market. How do you fancy it in your house? The beauty added when an old look is changed into a more modern one is definitely worth the effort. It can be even to test out that latest roofing product or material you like so much. This will involve changing the roofline and new roof installation. When the new and old roof parts don’t look good together, it is wiser to replace the whole roof.

The above reasons show why it is merely enough to conduct scheduled roof maintenance. There will be instances where a new roof will be the best option you can take.

How To Find And Choose The Best Local Roofers

There are many Wirral roofers, but you’ll want to know how to go about finding and choosing the best ones. The first thing you need to do is make a list of roofers throughout the area and then you’ll want to do the below.

Services Offered

You want to compare the services each roofer offers because not all of them will offer the same service. Generally speaking, the best roofers are able to handle any roofing job, which includes minor and major repairs (also see why you need to re-roof on occasion). These repairs includes leaky roof and replacing missing shingles to name a few.roofers in wirral

Roofers should be able to install a new roof too. They should be knowledgeable and explain the pros and cons of the roofs they are able to install. Also, they should offer emergency services too because you never know when a roofing emergency will occur.

Compare Experience

Different roofers have different levels of experience, and you want to choose one that has completed many jobs. The more jobs a roofer has completed, the more experience they will have. When comparing roofers, you want to choose one that has the most experience and not one that has been in business for many years, but only has completed a few jobs.

Also, find out what kind of quality of work they have done. Most roofers will have photos of the work they’ve done, so ask them to see examples if they don’t have them available on their website. If you can’t get an idea of what kind of quality of work they do, then don’t hire them.

Read Reviews

As a rule of thumb, check out at least 3-4 review sites because you want to see what other customers have to say about the roofers you’re researching. Make sure to view each roofer’s website and see what kind of testimonials are on there. As for what to look for, you want to find a roofer that has many satisfied customers, but do stay away from the ones that have more negative than positive reviews. Even the best roofers are bound to have a few negative reviews, which is fine as long as there are more good reviews than bad ones.

Get Quotes

Ask for quotes from at least 3-5 roofers, but don’t choose a roofer solely on price. You want to find a roofer that offers affordable services, but you want to get the most for your money. If you find a roofer who has many positive reviews written about them and they seem to do quality work and they offer the services you need, then go ahead and choose them, even if they charge the cheapest price. Stay away from roofers who charge cheap, but likely to provide you with low quality workmanship.

Roofers are easy to find, but you do want to keep the above tips in mind. Whatever you do, don’t hire the first roofer you come across. This could end up being a major mistake.

A Wirral Case Study

Typically we quote for a lot of jobs in Wirral and they are mostly small one time tasks such as replacing tiles after a storm but we do all types of jobs and that includes full re-roofs and restructuring.

We’d like to start showcasing for you some of our work specifically for the Wirral area so you can see the scope of the tasks that the team can undertake.

If you would like your job to be one of those case studies then please mention it to the team or on the phone to Sam when you are booking us in and we should be able to offer you a discount for allowing us to use your images and quotes when we carry out the work.

This is something that we don’t usually do as we just get on with the job but we realise that people do actually want to see the team in action as this can build trust, we’re putting ourselves into your shoes when trying to choose a local Wirral roofing company.

For now if you would like to read our blog posts about “how to find the best Wirral roofer” and “why you to re-roof your roof on occasion” then please follow those links.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Called To Fix The Bad Roof Work Previously Carried Out By Local Bad Roofers

One Source Roofing are proud to share one of our latest completed projects where we had been called to come and fix an issue that was caused by another building/roofing company when building the extension onto this property in Wirral. As you can see from the pictures in this project why it is always important to have professional and competent skilled roofers carrying out your work to your home or property. Here we stripped away the tiled area surrounding the window and installed a new space of flat roofing with Firestone rubber to assure waterproof finish to this roof and bring any water away from gathering at the bottom of this window. If you think you have been a victim of bad roofing work, give us a call today for our honest option and a free no obligation quote on putting it right.

What are the benefits of flat roofing?

Many property owners opt to install flat roofing on their property. But what are the benefits? At One Source Roofing, we have worked with countless clients looking to make the investment in flat roofing. Here are just three of the many positive things flat roofing has to offer you.

1. Affordable installation

One of the key benefits flat roofing has over other kinds of roofing is that it’s relatively simple, easy, and quick to install. That makes it affordable. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly roofing solution, flat roofing has to be at the top of your list. This is down to its relative simplicity of design, compared with other roofing options. The associated repair and maintenance costs of flat roofing can be lower, too.

2. More usable space

A flat roof offers you more practical space to use on your roof. You might wonder what you could possibly put on your roof of any use, but there are many options. You could opt to have air conditioning units, for example, or a dehumidifier, or you could have solar panels installed. All of these have considerable benefits, and a flat roof will give you the perfect place to install them conveniently on your property.

3. Lower heating bills

A flat roof will make your property cheaper to heat. Why? It’s simple – hot air rises, we all know this, so when your roof has angles and points all the hot air rises into them. This means the air you’re paying to heat ends up rising to the highest points in your roof. If you have a flat roof, it keeps that hot air lower and provides a more even distribution. That means you’ll need to use your heating less often.

Choosing the right specialists

These are just three of the many benefits flat roofing has to offer. It’s essential, however, that you only trust a professional roofing service to install flat roofing onto your property. One Source Roofing, for example, can provide you with a competitive quote and all the peace of mind you need for a job well done.

For a flat roofing quote, contact One Source Roofing today.

Should I replace my felt roof with rubber roofing?

Anyone with felt roofing on a garage or extension appreciates that the lifespan may only be five to ten years. Of course, this lack of durability isn’t a problem if the only flat roofing at your property is over the garage. However, where flat roofing is a feature over existing building extensions, water intrusion and leaks can cause damage to the inside of the home and wooden joists in ceilings.

About leaky felt roofs on homes or commercial properties

You won’t always know when the felting on your flat roof actually fails. It’s typically the case that leaks or water damage show up on ceilings when there’s snow on the roof. That’s always bad news for the flat roofing repair guys!

It’s not all bad news nowadays, though. Rubber roofing has developed over the years and is now a tried and tested solution. Property owners can now access affordable rubber roofing, so it’s the perfect replacement for felt. Whether your felt roof is already showing signs of a leak or you just want to replace the felt before water damages your property, the benefits of rubber roof replacements for felt roofing include:

– Brilliant level of durability, with a potential roof life span of up to 50 years
– Nil to low maintenance requirement, depending on the situation
– Easy to repair, if needed
– Attractive finish

Why choose rubber roofing?

As you can see from the above, the durability of rubber roofing is probably its biggest sales point. This is a long-lasting roofing material that provides the highest quality performance throughout its lifetime.

What are the different types of rubber?

There are a variety of roofing rubbers on the market, and you should look for the thickest rubber if long lifespan and durability are required. Ideally, opt for a rubber roof material that’s at least 2.5mm thick as this will offer higher levels of resistance to punctures and tears, alongside great weather resistance.

Get in touch with One Source Roofing to find out more about brilliant rubber roof replacements for existing felt roofs or new builds.

Which slate roof material should I use?

Slate roofing is one of the most cost-effective roofing solutions any home-owner can have, given its durability. Apart from its longevity, it also comes in various options, from fibre cement finishes to natural finishes that provide an aesthetic appeal. These alternatives, however, tend to be confusing for most, so how do you know which type suits you? Below is a guide that explains slate roof materials and what to consider before purchasing them.

Natural slate

Natural slate is one of the most common roofing materials derived from stone that is cut and shaped into shingles. Its natural state gives it an authentic appeal, so if you an environmental enthusiast, this is one to have. A new roof built with natural slate can last 100 years, making it the perfect long-term solution. Such durability makes it low maintenance, meaning you have no reason to worry about constant roof repair. You will, however, need to request for qualified roofers for installation, due to the high level of expertise required.

Fibre cement slate

The second type of slate roof material is the fibre cement slate which is a mix of fibres, mineral additives and cement. If you are looking for a roof replacement or a revamp to your worn-out tiles, you are in luck as this slate roof can be used with intricate colours and designs. It is also light, meaning minimal pressure for your underlay. In addition to this, the fibre cement slate is easy to install and lasts for 30 years, saving you time and money.

Man-made slates

The last type of slate roof to look out for is man-made with synthetic resin material. Its main advantage lies in its low cost of purchase and installation, so if you are looking into cheap reroofing, this slate has got you covered. A new roof, on the other hand, will last you 30 years before any need for roof repairs. The slates come in large sizes and are lightweight, meaning minimal pressure on your underlay.

Whichever slate roof you prefer, professional roofing service is vital. Contact One Source Roofing for expert consultation and affordable installation of your roofing needs.

For more information about our Wirral roofing services please check out the rest of our website.

What are the advantages of having a fibreglass roof?

Fibreglass roofing is slowly gaining popularity in the roofing industry, making it one to watch out for. Its use of glass fibre and polyester resin makes it especially reliable not just for flat roofing, but also for arched shapes and sloping roofs. If you are looking to invest in a new roof or want a roof replacement, here are some advantages of getting a fibreglass roof.


Before a fibreglass roof is installed, it exists in liquid form. It is then laid down in laminate form, eliminating the likelihood of joins or seams. The absence of gaps during installation means that you no longer have to worry about water leaks and reroofing for a couple of years. In addition to this, the topcoat also provides a sleek look for your property.


Fibreglass roofing is light, given its composition of materials. If your underlay needs a light roof, go for fibreglass. Its weight is one of the reasons most property owners use it for new roof designs. Such a characteristic may have most thinking that it is fragile, but it is one of the most reliable roofing solutions available. A fibreglass roof offers uncompromised protection and eliminates frequent reroofing.

Easy maintenance

A fibreglass roof is, by far, one of the best options when it comes to maintenance. All you need to do is clean your roof with a hose or a brush where there is debris. These easy maintenance tips will have your rooftop looking like a new roof all year round.


The top finish of a fibreglass roof makes it weather-resistant, ensuring durability even in the harshest conditions. If you have flat roofing on your property, there is no need to worry as the fibreglass holds well in storms and extreme sun. It is also fire resistant, allowing you to save on roof replacement costs in case of property damage.


If you want a worthwhile investment, consider fibreglass roofing. It guarantees you 20 years of quality service without roof repairs. Read more about the benefits of flat roofing here.

The key to enjoying these benefits, however, is getting in touch with expert roofers. Contact One Source Roofing to get a fibreglass roof installation. If your located Wirral be sure to check out our roofers Wirral page.

Can I repair a flat roof myself?

Back in the day, particularly when flat roofs were frequently made of a mixture of felt and bitumen, repairs were hazardous, complicated affairs. Thankfully, modern roofing technology means that, in some cases, it’s perfectly possible for an able householder to repair small leaks themselves. Whilst some forms of leak clearly call for a professional (for example multiple leaks, a complete re-roofing project, weakness in the substructure or a leak in an asphalt roof where heat treatment will be needed), smaller leaks in rubber membrane or EPDM roofs can usually be fixed by a competent amateur.

Painted on repairs are fast and effective

Recent advances in roofing technology mean that there are now several products on the market which can simply be painted on to a small leak in order to seal it. Provided you know what material your flat roof is made of, it’s simply a case of matching the product to the material, then applying the solution in liquid form to create a fast curing bond.  If you’d like to know more about the benefits of flat roofing you can read more on our website. Note that with some products the roof doesn’t need to be dry before work is carried out: this is a major benefit when on-going heavy rain has shown up a leak and a flat roofing repair in Wirral needs to be carried out immediately.

Fibreglass patches available for asphalt or tar

When soaked with an appropriate synthetic resin, a fibreglass patch can be applied across a larger leak to give a durable fix. There are also compounds available which can be used to shore up leaks in the waterproof tape which has been used to hold roof membranes in place.

An added top layer could increase the life span of your roof

If you want to optimise the chances of your roof remaining leak-free, why not add a top coat of waterproofing agent to provide additional protection?

Whilst there is no substitute for a professional roofer when it comes to the more complicated jobs, modern waterproofing compounds are now so sophisticated that they can be used for all sorts of repairs with relatively little difficulty. Give us a call to find out more about repairing your leaking roof and for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

How can you add roof windows to your property?

Homeowners in the North West are increasingly choosing to ‘improve’ rather than ‘move’. This includes making more use of space in attic rooms or even commissioning loft conversions.

Also, existing property extensions and even ‘outbuildings’ can become more comfortable and practical with the addition of high-level windows.

Roof windows are going to be particularly important if you plan to convert the upper levels of your home into living space. Adding skylights to your roofing helps to illuminate and ventilate existing rooms and spaces. This avoids the risk of home offices, extra bedrooms or playrooms relying solely on artificial light. Or, the possibility of them being uncomfortable to use due to being stuffy and airless!

So, what sort of things do you need to think about, when planning windows in roofing?

Are roof windows always practical?

Firstly, don’t let the construction and materials used in your property put you off. A reputable roofing firm can create new windows in many types of homes. This includes tiled and flat roof properties.

The trick is to explore all the options and find a size and type of window that suits your home and your ultimate goals. This could include considering different opening mechanisms and directions.

Can you retrofit in loft conversions?

Also, if you buy a property with an existing loft conversion, it can be possible to retrofit new velour windows if the existing light properties are inadequate.

Security and energy efficiency factors

One of the biggest concerns about adding additional windows to properties, by setting them into the roof, is security and insulation.

Rest assured that in the right hands, neither of these needs to be an issue. Modern design and manufacture of roof windows mean they can be easy to lock safely, and superb at keeping the cold out and the heat in!

Best roof window options

Much depends on the expertise used to install your new roof windows of course! The quality of the craftsmanship used to construct your chosen frames should be matched by a reliable level of professionalism in your roofing firm.

Contact the friendly team at One Source Roofing Services to find the ideal roof window or skylight for your home.